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Women Of The C-Suite: Melissa Machat On The Five Things You Need To Succeed As A Senior Executive

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Melissa Machat of ‘Re-Align Coaching and Consulting’: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company

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Warrior Women: Melissa Machat - Stay True To Your Values

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The Self Project Podcast

Reprogramming Your Mindset 

Melissa founded RE-Align Coaching and Consulting after experiencing the transformation that occurs when you find clarity for what you truly want and are in alignment with your values. Melissa is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and Mental and Emotional Release Specialist and possesses a deeper understanding of what’s really preventing someone from reaching their goals. 


Boldy Courageous 

Conscious Communication & Effective Sales

After building a successful career in real estate Melissa found herself waking up each day feeling unfulfilled and out of alignment in her business. She decided to pivot into the coaching world and now teaches people how to master their mindset and align with their values. 


The Athletic Mindset

Improving Your Self Talk

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a pseudoscientific approach to communication and personal development. So how does that relate to our athletic mindset? I bring in Melissa Machat, an NLP coach, to find out. We talk about our subconscious self talk, how it’s what is holding us back from achieving what we want on and off the field. Melissa leaves us with some practical NLP tools to start practicing to improve your mindset today!


4 The Love of Thriving

Shifting Your Money Mindset and Building Wealth​

Money and money mindset can seem like an icky topic, however, NLP master practitioner and entrepreneur, Melissa Machat and I get very real about money. In this episode, we talk about: Are you violating your values? What being in alignment should feel like,  The question you should ask in order to know whether or not you’re in alignment, Rewiring our hard wired nature, and Creating your future life NOW.


      Awaken the Rebel

      Getting Back In Alignment

      This week I have entrepreneur and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner Melissa Machat on the podcast to help uncover what really prevents us from reaching our goals and living the life we desire. After spending years as a performer in L.A. and Las Vegas, Melissa traded one hustle for another and got into real estate where she sold over $100 million—and realized she was totally miserable.


          The Behavioral Wealth Podcast

          Why Money Mindset Matter

          Dr. Dan sits down with Melissa Machat this week. Melissa is a business coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. They discuss all things money mindset. What is it? Why is it important? And how do we improve ours? Melissa defines WEALTH as the freedom provided through passive income so that we can live our lives with abundance, health, and joy. She offers some practical ways to start to build financial wealth.


              H.E.R! Heal, Empower, Rise!

              Awareness, Managing and Preventing Burnout

              Just in time for the New Year! In today’s episode, Elika interviews Melissa Machat, a personal coach and business consultant. They tackle the topics of burnout, stress and boundaries.  2020 has been an emotionally draining and taxing year for so many and most of us do not even know we are burnt out. Melissa talks about awareness and knowing when you are being spread too thin.


                  Get to the Point with Leslie Ann Quillen

                  Beating Procrastination

                  Working out. Eating more vegetables. Drinking water. Getting enough sleep.

                  We all know what we NEED to do to live a fitter, healthier lifestyle - so why don't we do it? 

                  If you've ever said,  "I know what I'm supposed to do...but I just can't make myself do it" - this episode with mindset expert Melissa Machat will rock your world! 


                      Justin Stoddart

                      What Keeps Real Estate Agents from Taking Action

                      The biggest reason why real estate agents aren’t living in pursuit of their potential is because they fail to take enough action. It really is that simple. Yet you and I both know that when it us that is not taking action, it feels a lot more complicated than that. We must learn to get out of our own way.


                          The She Built it Experience with Melanie

                          How to Move Past What's Holding You Back

                          “When you're in alignment, you don't need to force yourself to do something because you're inspired to take action, you're true to who you are, you're in your strength zone, and doing what brings you joy.” Join us as we chat about…How to build successful teams, How to overcome self doubt and what might be holding you back, Why it’s important to trust yourself and your decisions and How you’ll never be fully ready and sometimes you have to make the jump.


                              Think Yourself Healthy

                              Retraining your Brain for a Success Mindset

                              “Melissa is an entrepreneur and founded Re-Align Coaching and Consulting to help empower and teach entrepreneurs how to elevate their mindset, accelerate sales, and make the perfect hire in their business so they can scale with ease. With more than ten years of sales experience, over $100 Million in Volume Sold in Residential Real Estate, and more than eight years being educated by multiple coaching organizations and mentors, Melissa understands how to build and grow a business in any market, and how your mindset can control your outcome and results."

                                  NLP Business and Mindset Consultant


                                  I teach high powered entrepreneurs how to elevate their mindset, accelerate sales,& make the perfect hire in their business so they can scale w/ ease.


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