Aligned Leadership

This course will walk you through:

  • Leadership is a SKILL, so how do you learn it?

  • Business audit and figuring out exactly where you’re at and if you have the right people

  • Mission, Vision, and Values and why this is the foundation of your business

  • How to reset your team and create boundaries and expectations

  • Creating a Training and Resource library WITHOUT spending extra time

  • Communicating with your team and how to create an effective communication schedule

  • How to train your team without extra time spent

  • The difference between saving people and rewarding talent

  • Strengths based leadership

  • Standards and Expectations, how to never fire anyone ever again!

  • Thinking like a CEO, why numbers and profit and loss are important

  • Setting boundaries with your schedule

  • Boundaries- how to create them and learn how to say no

  • Values and how this determines everything in your life

  • How to stop comparing yourself to others and get rid of the comparison trap