Hire, Onboard, Train, and Systemize

Scale Your Business with Ease

This course will walk you through:

  • 5 step method with clear steps to follow to make your ideal hire 

  • How to write a job ad that will attract your ideal person to you

  • An easy process to follow to screen and filter candidates

  • Questions and Templates for the Job Ad and Interview Process

  • Exactly what to do over the first 2 months (8 weeks) with a breakdown of what to focus on each week

  • Clarity around the admin’s job and expectations

  • Systems Audit - what’s currently in place and what’s missing

  • How to save the business money by finding services not being used or no longer needed

  • Communication Schedule with your staff and your team

  • Social Media- who’s in charge and what’s the plan?

  • Database Audit- what is a database and why it’s the goldmine of your business

  • Engagement Plan- creating a system to engage with leads, clients, and your database

  • Onboarding and Offboarding team members and clients

  • Tracking numbers and lead pipelines

  • Creating a lead management system

  • Team accountability, Time blocking and scheduling

  • Setting Goals and Clear Priorities, 30 day checklist and review to make sure this is the right fit

  • Task Management Programs and how to implement them


    • Setting Boundaries


    • Examples of our own systems and SOP’s so you can customize to your own business


    • Checklists with what to focus on for each week