Next Level Alignment Workshop

This workshop will help you discover your true values, what's important to you, and who you really are. Values are the secret to whether you feel joy, happiness, and fulfillment, and learning what they are at the unconscious level will provide a deeper clarity and understanding of your life and business. 

This workshop is for anyone who desires to have a deeper understanding of...

  • Why you feel fulfilled or not

  • Why you are energized and lit up or not

  • What could be causing frustration or doubt

  • What's causing you to take action or not

  • Is your current situation in life/business supporting you or are your values being violated

  • What to do if you realize why things aren't working the way you had hoped and how to restructure things to feel more joy, happiness, and fulfillment


You will learn NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques to elicit your values at the UNCONSCIOUS level!



Investing 90 minutes to have a deeper understanding of what drives you and determining what will provide more fulfillment in your life is PRICELESS!


You will walk away with CLARITY and awareness of HOW to create more alignment in your life and experience more joy, happiness, and fulfillment.



It’s time to experience Next Level Alignment and I am SO excited for you to learn what gave me one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life and business,




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*You will have immediate access to this workshop recording after you purchase and you can watch the recording as many times as you'd like!


*There are no refunds 


Questions: DM Melissa on IG (@melissamachat) or email